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Wee Eurooean BadgerAnother fast & relatively easy animal, knit up in a mystery grey yarn (prolly worsted weight) from my stash with #2 (2.75 mm) needles. Pattern from the book Mini Knitted Woodland by Sachi Ishii. The badger is knit flat and seamed up at the end. The construction is slightly different than I’ve seen before but the book has excellent instructions with photos and it went pretty quickly once I figured it out. Many of the creatures in the book are put together the same way so once you’ve made one, you can easily rock through the others. I knit the body as instructed but made slight changes for the tail and ears. I picked up four stitches on the back and knit the tail on the body using yarn from finishing one of the legs. I lengthened the tail slightly (maybe by 2 rows?). I picked up one stitch for each ear, using yarn from the nose to kFB, then finished by running yarn through the stitches and stitching down. I embroidered the eyes with a regular stitch instead of a French knot and also embroidered a nose using black 6-strand embroidery thread.

Mini Knitted Woodland is a book that I’ve had on my wish list for awhile but couldn’t quite justify. I received an Amazon gift card for my birthday recently and that was the perfect excuse to pick it up, along with another of Sachi’s books, Mini Knitted Safari. So glad I did – the badger really did work up quickly and is so cute! I’ve already started the vulture from the Safari book and am looking forward to making a bunch of others from both books.

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