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Mini hexie piece
hmmm… this close-up makes me realize I need to rinse my marking lines off a bit better.

I’ve really been wanting to bring more crafting back into my life. Crafting in a textile-tactile-cotton-wool-felt-yarn kind of way. I enjoy making all kinds of things but the last couple of years have found me mostly making beer, other alcoholic beverages and fermented foods. Which are all wonderful things to make but my soul misses fiber. I dabbled a bit late last year crocheting my wedding bouquet & knitting a bunch of Xmas tree ornaments (posts coming soon!) but I wanted more. A good challenge was needed. And I found the perfect one on the Swoodson Says blog: Try Something New Every Month 2016. Co-organized by Rebecca from Hugs Are Fun, participants are encouraged to try a new craft every month. Stephanie & Rebecca have suggested monthly themes & a Facebook group. This was exactly what I needed. Quilting is January’s suggested theme. I’ve done some quilting in the past but not for many years (more than 10, I think) so this theme really appealed. And I did want to try some type of quilting that was new to me.



  • fabric that I hand-dyed 15 or so (yikes!) years ago
  • printable pdf of hexagon graph paper (enlarged until it was a size I liked, just over 1/4″ on each side)
Pre-quilted hexies
post-sewn & pre-quilted hexies

Tips & tutorials:

The hexies were a bit fiddly at first but I really enjoyed making them once I got the hang of it. They’re extremely portable and a great project to do while listening to audiobooks or podcasts or (half) watching TV. I kind of like them best pre-quilted but the quilting was a nice challenge and gives the piece more body. I’d like to trim the piece into a circle, add a back & a stiff interior and turn it into a pendant. Soon…

This little project was a lot of fun and a great way to kick-start me back into sewing. I love small portable projects and I can definitely see myself doing more tiny hexie projects in the future. They would be cute to appliqué on larger projects and a hexie wrist cuff would be cool. The portability makes this a great vacation project, too.

The theme for February’s TSNEM is Tactile Craft; paper mache, clay, soap, candlemaking. I’ve chosen clay. Stay tuned for my project!

Back of hexie piece
Back of hexie piece

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