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Mixed Green Salad with duck Proscuitto, duck cracklings & citrus vinaigrette

Loving the duck bits – this is one satisfying salad.

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Torchons on Rye with sautéed Ramps:

Pairs beautifully with the Mikkeller It’s Alright! as the tartness/carbonation/funk cut through the fat yet accent the sweet richness of the foie gras.

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Beer & Food


Persian sorbet made with rosewater, rice noodles and pistachios. Quite a compelling dessert – quite tart at first with the rosewater behind and the pistachios finishing. This was a difficult pairing but I went back to the Reissdorf Kolsch – the floral fruitiness of the beer contrasts with the tartness and dances with the rose. This dinner was a treat to attend – thanks to chefs Louisa Shafia (author of Lucid Food) and Jessica Wilson (of Jimmy’s No 43), Jimmy Carbone & the staff of Jimmy’s No 43.

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Mahi – stuffed fish with tamarind, parsley and coriander, served with Sabzi Polow (saffron rice) and Mast-o Musir (yogurt with shallots). The fish is delicious, quite delicate in flavor, and the stuffing is tangy & nutty. The Ithaca Ground Break Saison works well – the fruitiness contrasts with the stuffing, yogurt & rice. This is a lovely dish.

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Ash-e Reshteh – noodle soup with beans, herbs, caramelized onion. Quite nice with the Barrier Barnacle Brown – the sweeteness of the beer marries with the caramelized onions while the dark malts emphasize the earthiness of the dish.

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Herb Kuku – baked eggs with herbs, walnuts and dried rose petals. This is an interesting dish – I initially didn’t know what to think but am warming up to it. It pairs nicely with the Barrier Cycle Saison.

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Nowruz is the Persian New Year dinner. We’re starting with Sabzi Lhordan – flatbread from Hot Kitchen Bakery served with feta, walnuts, mixed herbs & radishes. Delightful with the Reissdorf Kolsch.

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Chocolate stout cake w/dieu du Ciel bourbon barrel aged Peche Mortel

Heavenly – the cake is light as a cloud yet oh-so rich & chocolately, melding with the top notes of the Peche Mortel & highlighting the deep coffee bourbon in the beer. Perfect end to the meal.

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Corned beef & sauerkraut with dieu du ciel Equinoxe du Printemps

Salmon & parsnip w/dieu du ciel Herbe à Détourne

Mary & Cuzme: The salmon has a nice amount of parsley which works well with the spicy ness and Belgian yeastiness of the Tripel. Sweetness exists amongst it all.

Cuzme: The corned beef meatiness and sweetness is accentuated and showcased by the malty caramel like sweetness of the scotch ale. (it took a moment to reach full potential: as the beer warmed, the world turned for the better). Sweet cabbage danced while spicy grain mustard threw down the funk!

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