Oyster & St Feuillien tasting at dbgb

IMG_1809Another wonderful Tuesday Tasting at dbgb last night:

  • St Feuillien Brune/Malpeque oyster shooter
  • St Feuillien Blanche paired with a Pacific Oyster Bay oyster with cucumber gelee, celery remolade & smoked sea salt
  • St Feuillien Triple paired with a Kusshi Oyster with black pepper & beer granita
  • St Feuillien Saison paired with a Kumamoto Oyster crisp fried with chicken oysters, hen of the woods & country ham veloute

I found the Malpeque was a little too briny for the brune but the other pairings were winners.  The triple’s sweet maltiness was a nice contrast to the saltiness of the Kusshi, while the Pacific Oyster Bay with cucumber gelee & celery romolade danced with the Blanche, emphasizing the depth of flavors in both.  My favorite was the Saison with the fried Kumamoto Oyster – the carbonation of the beer cleansed the palette between bites and the sweetness contrasted wonderfully with the saltiness of the dish.  A delightful pairing event!

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