Reboot Coming!

My Life on Craft as a beer & food blog is over (for now, anyway). I’m bringing other creative pursuits back into my life and want to use this space for those. I’m continuing to brew and imbibe and that will occasionally show up here, but I’m focusing those energies on Fuhmentaboudit, the weekly show that Chris Cuzme and I co-host on Heritage Radio Network. You can catch us live every Monday from 7 to 7:30 pm here on Heritage Radio Network and the shows are archived on the HRN site as well as iTunes and Stitcher. The show is a ton of fun to host and I’ve learned quite a bit in the year that we’ve been on. If you’re interested in fermentation, I hope you’ll check us out. We also have a companion website here. It’s mostly show pics & links but I’m going to be posting some recipes and other stuff as I have time. I’ve posted some NYC beer event links on the left sidebar and intend to keep those there for the duration. Otherwise, this will be a window into My Life on Craft – textiles, jewelry, dyes, fabric, felt, yarn & more. Stay tuned.

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