First taste of Montreal

Poutines Classique with Boreale RousseI adore poutine and was ready for the real thing after a lengthy day of travel.  Luckily, we’re staying a few doors down from the closet-sized Patati Patata, a restaurant highly recommended by Montreal Poutine.  I took a seat at the counter and ordered the Poutines Classique and a 10 oz pour of Boréale Rousse.  The poutine was delicious – the perfect meld of frites, creamy gravy and firm cheese curds.  The beer washed my palette clean nicely between bites.  Our hunger satisfied, we headed north to Dieu de Ciel.  There was a Japanese beer event scheduled for that night and the place was packed.  We fought our way to the bar and ordered beers.  I went with the Ochamena Bi-Ru while Tom chose the Chaman, both brewed by Dieu de Ciel.  The Ochamena was quite tasty though I could not discern what made it so.  It was listed as Ochamena au Sarrazin et Thés Japonais, which turns out to be buckwheat and Japonese tea.  Very interesting flavor qualities – I’d like to try it again with a fresher palette.  Tom’s Imperial Pale Ale was also very drinkable.  We grew tired of being jostled by the crowd and headed back towards our lodging.  We decided to duck into Reservoir, a brewpub around the corner from our apartment.  Tom enjoyed the IPA while I ordered a small Blanche.  The Blanche reaked of sulfur which impaired the drinking experience greatly.  I ordered a small cream ale next while Tom had a stout – both were served on nitrogen.  The stout was the best of the bunch in our opinion.  We headed to bed after that.  Mondial next and a return visit to Dieu de Ciel…

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