Ithaca at Barcade-June 7, 2007

Ithaca Beer Company debuted  Ithaca bottlesseveral new Excelsior beers at Barcade on Thursday, June 7. I had the pleasure of meeting brewmaster Jeff O’Neill and seeing sales representative Eric VanZile again.Jeff and Eric of Ithaca I had the scrumptious Kaffinator, which was a very smooth, roasty, coffee-like beer.  I tasted the Old Habit and the IPAbbey and am looking forward to having more soon.  I highly recommend trying some for yourself.  Be sure to check out Jeff’s blog for all the latest goings-on at Ithaca.  My friend Allan had just returned from Montreal and brought a bottle of Bierre Nouvelle Sure Lie to share.  bierre-nouvelle.jpg  I found it to be a crisp, spicy, fruity (pear, predominately), highly carbonated, dry beer.  Very refreshing for a warm summer day.  A nice evening. 

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