Cask on now at Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster, PA

Ryan & Paul installing the cask engineI was fortunate to catch the installation of a new cask engine at Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster yesterday. We stopped in for a beer (or a sampler of 10 as it were) and head brewer Paul Rutherford and assistant brewer Ryan Wibby expertly placed the real ale dispenser as we watched.
A pint of Russian Imperial Stout was poured and proclaimed quite tasty. Our enthusiasm must have shown (we were taking a lot of photos) and we were lucky enough to be recipients of that pint. Three cheers for one more cask engine in Pennsylvania!Iron Hill Brewery building

This was my second visit to the newest Iron Hill and I was even more impressed this time than the last. Our first visit was on Superbowl (“the big game”) Sunday and they were a bit short on beer. The bartender said that he had poured at least 30 growlers already and it was only 3 in the afternoon! It is wonderful to see such local support for a brewpub. And what a brewpub; it’s a beautiful building with lots of dark wood paneling & tables, blonde wood floors,and funky sound-absorbing ceilings that give the whole place a modern mission feel, upscale yet still very comfortable. Iron Hill samplerAnd the beers are great. My ten beer sampler ($7) contained the five standards: Iron Hill Light Lager, Raspberry Wheat, Vienna Red Lager, Ironbound Ale, and Pig Iron Porter, plus the Belgian seasonal, a tripel, and four seasonals, the American Brown Ale, Munich Dunkel, Irish Red, and Indulgence Chocolate Stout, the latter two poured on nitro. All were quite drinkable (yeah, even the light), with most being in the excellent category.
Iron Hill brewery bar
The American Brown, Munich Dunkel, and Tripel were my favorites. The Indulgence was quite nice, a little light but with a significant chocolate character, as expected being brewed with five pounds of Venezuelan chocolate nibs. the beer board at Iron Hill Brewery The Russian Imperial Stout on cask, was excellent, although I’ll admit my palate was a bit blown at this point. No food this time as we’d eaten earlier, but I loved the Pesto Chicken and Artichoke pizza I had on my first visit. All of the employees are well-trained and very friendly, the server who explained my sampler had taken part in Iron Hill’s brew-for-a-day program and was very enthusiastic and proud of all of the beer. The Iron Hill Brewery of Lancaster is highly recommended, a comfortable environment with delicious beer & food, what more could you ask for? Go, please.

Iron Hill Brewery
781 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone 717 291.9800
Monday-Sunday: 11 am-Close

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