Top Ten Tuesday: March 2012

A new monthly post, the Top Ten will appear on the first Tuesday of every month and encompass ten of my favorite foods, beverages and/or meals from the previous month.  I love sharing good food & drink with friends and want to share some of my favorite experiences with you.  In chronological order, here is my Top 10 for the month of March:

    • The Lagunitas/That Burger Place Pairing Dinner at Idle Hands Bar.  This was a ton of fun – 7 Lagunitas beers paired with 4 sliders, tator tots & a ridiculously good tater tot-burger mash-up.  Everything was tasty but my favorite slider was The Kick (dressed with onions & jalapenos cooked in Franks Hot Sauce and cheddar cheese) and my favorite pairing was The Blues (dressed with sauteed onions, jalapenos & blue cheese) with the Lagunitas Imperial Stout.  And, as I mentioned, the Totchos tater tot/burger mash-up was guilty pleasure greatness.  The menu is below – I apologize for the crummy pic, but it’s readable if you click on it & choose to view the large size on Flickr.  Eaten/drank on 3/6/2012.

Lagunitas/That Burger pairing dinner at Idle Hands Bar - the menu

  • Piwo Grodziskie-Grӓtzer from Professor Fritz Briem.  I love that this historical and scarce style is now available to us in NYC.  Grӓtzer is one of my favorite styles, integrating three of my favorite characteristics in a beer – smokiness, sourness & drinkability.  This one combines them all nicely in a tasty 4% ABV quencher.  Drank on tap on 3/10/2012 at Taproom 307.
  • Habanero Sculpin from Ballast Point on cask.  I’ve enjoyed this beer before and was not let down this time.  An inviting IPA with a kick.  Even better, this was enjoyed in the company of good friends at last month’s Split Thy Skull.  Drank on 3/11/2012 at Mugs Ale House.
  • Silver Needle Jasmine Kombucha from Kombucha Party in Williamsburg.  Wow – this is like no kombucha I’ve ever had.  The floral, perfume-y loveliness of the silver needle jasmine tea shine in this lightly acidic, sparkling kombucha.  I tasted several the day I dropped by and all were delicious.  Pure Luck Tea Bar is a stone’s throw from Spuyten Duyvil and I highly recommend stopping in the next time you’re in Williamsburg to try on of these beautiful beverages.  Drank on 3/11/2012 at Pure Luck Tea Bar.
  • The Barrier dinner at The Farm on Adderley – live blogged here.  Pure joy.  Eaten/drank on 3/14/2012.

My creation

  • The Beer & Small Bites Tasting at The Blind Tiger.  This was a first for chef Tommy Harder and hopefully the first of many – a delightful pairing.  Live blogged here.  Eaten/drank on 3/15/2012.

Blind Tiger Beer & Small Bites Pairing

    • Victory Lager.  I haven’t had this Helles-style lager in a long time. And had forgotten how delicious it is – smooth, flavorful & balanced.  Incredibly refreshing after a blind tasting of champagne-style ales and one of my go-to beers for this Spring.  Drank on tap 3/15/2012 at 61 Local.
    • Almost everything that I ate & drank on St Patrick’s Day.  I attended a damned good tasting early in the day at my friend Mike’s with highlights that include Russian River Depuration & Beatification (I love sours), Alaskan Brewing Company Smoked Porter (I love smokes), Perennial Artisan Ales Abraxas (Imperial Stout with Ancho chiles, cacao nibs, vanilla beans & cinnamon sticks.  Nicely balanced – would love to pair a creme brulee or hand-cranked vanilla ice cream with this one) and Cantillon 50n 4e (sour).  And we capped the night off with a wonderful dieu du ciel! pairing dinner at Jimmy’s No 43 – live blogged here.  Eaten/drank on 3/17/2012.

St Patrick's Day Dinner at Jimmy's No 43

  • The Korean BBQ Beef Kim-Cheesesteak from the Kimchi Taco Truck.  Freaking delicious – I ordered it spicy with Cheez Whiz.  While it wasn’t as spicy as I might have liked, it was incredibly rich, meaty, flavorful and filling.  Purchased from the truck which was parked on Astor Pl just west of Lafayette and eaten at Burp Castle on 3/20/2012.
  • Oishi from the Brooklyn Brewery.  The first beer from the new “Worshipful Company of Brewers” series, this saison-style session ale was brewed by brewer Tom Villa (pictured below).  This is a 3.9% thirst slaker with a lot of flavor from the yeast & Sorachi Ace hops.  Very limited draft-only release pouring exclusively at the Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room (and the Brooklyn Brewery event at the Blind Tiger this Wednesday).  Get some while you can. Drank on 3/23/2012 at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Brewer Tom Villa pouring his Oishi at Brooklyn Brewery

  • Double Sunshine from Lawson’s Finest Liquids (I know, this is #11, but I could not narrow it down to 10 this month).  Pure ambrosia – my notes on this beer are elsewhere but I’ll add them tonight.  Drank at the Vermont Beer & Cheese Festival at the Blind Tiger on 3/28/2012.

I ate and drank some other terrific stuff in March, but these were my favorites.  I’d love to hear the eats & drinks that you’ve dug lately – please post your recent favorites in the comments.

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